Adopt 365 offers full catalogue of training content guiding through every app along with:

Single Sign On

Always forgetting your usernames and passwords? Now you don’t need to worry! Adopt 365 integrates with your Azure AD, meaning users can use the same credentials for Adopt 365 and they do Microsoft 365. One less login to think about!

Extensive Library

Dive into a vast ocean of learning materials – informative how-tos, insightful FAQs, and more – curated to unlock Microsoft 365’s full potential. Adapt to your learning style:

  • Step-by-step guides 

    Conquer any task with clear instructions.
  • Concise video tutorials

    Absorb information visually with engaging demonstrations.
  • Comprehensive knowledge base

    Find answers to any questions that arise.


Master specific applications with curated learning paths. Blend written guides and informative videos to:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge

    Explore every facet of your chosen app.
  • Develop practical skills

    Apply your newfound knowledge to real-world tasks.
  • Boost confidence

    Become a pro in using your chosen Microsoft 365 program.

Powerful Search

Find what you need instantly. The robust search feature lets you pinpoint topics, troubleshoot issues, and discover hidden gems. Refine your search by application or category for laser-focused exploration.

Blog and Podcasts

Embrace continuous learning with dynamic blog and podcast offerings. Stay informed about:

  • Latest updates

    Don’t miss a beat – discover new features and functionalities.
  • Hidden gem functionalities

    Learn innovative ways to leverage Microsoft 365.
  • Category-specific insights

    Explore content relevant to your interests.

Live Training

What separates Adopt 365 from similar platforms? Our monthly live training sessions are a crowd pleaser.

  • Constantly enhance your knowledge
    Attend our monthly live sessions to improve your knowledge.
  • Engage with professionals

    Ask questions in real-time and gain valuable insights.
  • On-demand recordings

    Can’t make it live? Build your skillset at your own pace with past sessions.